Monday, April 8, 2019

Hospitality for migrants in Texas (USA)

Fr. Bob, Fr. Brian and the people of Queen of Peace Parish in Harlingen, Texas are certainly "stepping up to the plate" to help the immigrants coming into the country.  They have opened their parish centre hall as a reception help centre for those released from Federal Custody.

Then, Fr. Bob tells us more about this initiative.

I am grateful that the link to a local news broadcast was sent to all of you. It does give the broad outlines of what is unfolding here in Harlingen. Allow me to fill in some blanks.

Bishop contacted the director of Catholic Charities last Thursday asking her to contact Queen of Peace asking if we could extend hospitality to migrants. Today we will be receiving guests from south of the border for the first time. I’m told we will receive 53 persons.

Our facilities here have some limitations. For instance, we have no showers we can make available to those who have been in custody with Immigration for as many as 5 – 7 days. With the generosity of the American Red Cross, we have 80 cots, 80 blankets, and 80 personal hygiene kits. We also have approximately 80 parish volunteers who will shop, cook and clean for our guests. 

Yesterday I visited with a well-established shelter for homeless people here in the city. It is called Loaves and Fishes. We will collaborate with them in the following way: Loaves and Fishes will meet the migrants at the Harlingen Bus Terminal where they have been brought by the U.S. Border Patrol after release from U.S. Immigration. They will bring the migrants to us so that they may select clean clothing (of which we have an abundance) and bring them to Loaves and Fishes to shower (since we have none). After showering and donning fresh clothes, Loaves and Fishes will bring them to us. Once they arrive, we will register them and assist them to purchase bus tickets to their destination (wherever they have family in the U.S.A.). They will stay with us overnight, receive three meals and a packed lunch-for-travel and then brought to the bus station in the morning. 

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Brownsville is helping us a great deal. From the news, you may be acquainted with Sister Norma Pimental. She seems to be the national face for migrant care and because of her work received the Laetare award from the University of Notre Dame. She has stationed three of her employees with us until we learn the ropes about managing this type of hospitality. The City of Harlingen and Cameron County are also helping a great deal. People from across the city are beginning to bring us donations. We have four Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul who live and worship in the parish. Three of them are nurses and one is a social worker. They will help us in the evenings after work at their own outreach center in Brownsville.

As things unfold and time permits, I’ll send updates. Meanwhile, donations of cash and items listed on our parish website (bottom of the homepage) are very welcome:

Please see the following video to learn more of this special effort to help our brothers and sisters in need:

Monday, April 1, 2019

In memory of Good Father from Jogyakarta

SS.CC community in Yogyakarta held two events in order to celebrate the feast of our Good Father, Pierre Coudrin. First, we invite the catholic youths from Gantang parish to visit and stay at our community. Secondly, we went to St. Mary orphanage, in Boro, Yogyakarta, to share our family spirit with the orphans.

Friday, March 15, 2019

BREXIT, Context, Chaos and Revelation

Derek Laverty sscc offers his reflexions on Brexit

Context:  I cannot look at Brexit without thinking of Trump. My sense is that the 2016 election of Trump and the UK vote to leave Europe both evidence a shift to the right in politics and the emergence of what we now call ‘fake news‘.  The actual results on both sides of the Atlantic were certainly unanticipated and have brought with them unforeseen and one can say very divisive and chaotic consequences.  This shift to the right and the perversion of truth as a means to justify ends are not limited to the UK and the USA. I believe there is something more global taking place in our world today. Brexit and Trump are but symptoms of this.  What ‘it’ is I cannot say but it does seem connected to: (i) the global social and economic inequality that is growing among peoples; (ii) an unreasonable sense of entitlement and (iii) self-serving hidden powers and agendas.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A return to digging wells / Creuser à nouveau les puits / Volver a cavar los pozos

Fr. Mike Barry lives in Oak Hills (California), where he is president of Mary's Mercy Center. A new project (Mary's Village) is being set up to help homeless people in San Bernardino. In this article Fr. Mike invites us to "dig wells", to go to the sources of our SS.CC spirituality. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Diaconate: service with a smile / Diaconat, servir avec le sourire / Diaconado: servir con una sonrisa

We offer two short messages that have come in from our newly ordained deacons: Don Brian Malnegro and Jose Marie Dumagat (Philippines). And another message from the new deacon Esitio (Tio) Niuliki (USA).

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rencontre des Branches Séculières d’Allemagne 
et de France à Werne (Allemagne)

Christophe PAVARD 
Coordinateur de la Fraternité Séculière - Secteur France

Vendredi 30 novembre 18h30, début de mon voyage vers l’Allemagne. En effet, dans le cadre des relations internationale de la Fraternité Séculière, nous avons l’habitude de faire des échanges avec la branche allemande qui, depuis de nombreuses années, vient participer à nos rencontres annuelles en France. C’est la deuxième fois que je me rends à Werne, après un échec l’année dernière puisque j’étais en panne de voiture. Un voyage aller très calme, en dehors des gilets jaunes belges qui m’ont bloqué presqu’une demi-heure. Arrivée vers 1h00 du matin ; le Père Ludger et Annegret ont eu le courage de m’attendre pour me souhaiter la bienvenue et m’aider à m’installer. Pour anecdote, il y a deux ans, j’ai passé la nuit dans ma voiture, mais ça, c’est une autre histoire.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Robert Charlton sscc 
is the Pastor of Queen of Peace Church, Texas. 
He is also the US Province Vocation Director and director of the  Prenovitiate

The United States Province serves in two parishes in the Diocese of Brownsville, a region of the U.S.A.  commonly known as the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) in South Texas.  The four counties constituting the Diocese are on the border with eastern Mexico close to the Gulf of Mexico.  The two parishes where we serve are approximately 15 miles north of the border.  Traffic between the two countries passes through several border crossings that are policed by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Services and the Border Patrol on the American side.