Thursday, May 28, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic in India – A call to humanitarian response / Covid-19 Pandemia en la India: una llamada a la respuesta humanitaria

By Alexis Nayak

Lockdown after lockdown

One of the effects of Covid – 19 pandemic in India is the plight of the poor and the marginalized both in the rural and in the urban India. Ever since the pandemic struck India, lockdown after lockdown were announced with the hope of arresting the spread of the virus among the citizens of the country. The poor and the marginalized in the society were the worst hit persons as a result of such lockdowns although they were not the carriers of the invisible virus. The actual carriers were the rich and powerful international travelers. The daily life and the daily living of the poor and marginalized depended on the earnings of their daily labor-work both in the rural villages and in the urban cities, particularly the migrant workers who had migrated to cities in search of works for income generation. These migrant workers, who were from rural villages, were working in urban cities in various business sectors and were sending their earnings to their families back at home. However, when the nationwide lockdowns were imposed, these business sectors came to a total standstill and the migrant workers lost their jobs. As a result, they lost their earnings as well plunging their families into further poverty and hunger.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Que seamos una Congregación en salida al otro…

Wanderson de Souza Alves sscc, de  27 años. Nació en Río de Janeiro (Brasil). Religioso de votos temporales en preparación para los votos perpetuos. Vive en la casa provincial en Padre Eustáquio, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Trabaja en la Pastoral Familiar y Catequesis Matrimonial del Santuario de la Salud y de la Paz.